Training I.

                             Deputy Director, Agricultural Research Institute of the HAS, programme head,
                             The Agrisafe project
                             Atmospheric composition and climate
                             Deputy Rector of Corvinus University of Budapest
                             Adaptation to climate change: national and European research projects
                             Department Head, Ministry of Environment and Water
                             Climate change and international cooperation
                             Head of the Department of Soil Science and Water Management, Corvinus University of Budapest
                             Water scarcity and drought in the European Union and in Hungary
                              Institute of Plant Biology, Biological Research Center of the HAS
                             Transgenic strategies for improvement of drought tolerance of cereals to reduce the consequences of water       
                             limitations caused by climate

                             Head of the Climate Department, Hungarian Meteorological Service
                             Global warming and projected changes in Europe
                             Head of the Department of Meteorology, Etvs Lornd University, Budapest
                             Facing the changing climate: regional climate model estimations
                             Senior scientist, Department of Plant Ecology, Institute of Ecology and Botany
                             of the HAS
                             The ecological effect of climate change
                             Agricultural Research Institute of the HAS
                             Introductory to database handling

Training II.

  • Balzs Barna Mechanisms of plant diseases and disease resistance
  • Ervin Balzs Environmental factors in virus disease development
  • Zsfia Bnfalvi Molecular biology of drought tolerance
  • Luigi Cattivelli Genetics and genomics analysis of wheat adaptation to drought conditions.
  • Gbor Galiba Cold acclimation of cereals: Interaction between developmental phase and frost tolerance
  • Ciro DePace Using alien germplasm to improve resistance to biotic stresses in crop species
  • Ernesto Igartua Agroecological adaptation in barley
  • Mariana Ittu Challenging the climate change on current and emerging diseases in cereals
  • Ildik Karsai Plant developmental patterns and environmental adaptation in barley
  • Csaba Marton Maize breeding for abiotic and biotic stress tolerance
  • Zoltn Szigeti Coping with stress - general aspects of plant responses.
  • Imre Vass The effects of UV-B radiation on plants
  • Gyula Vida Breeding wheat for biotic stress resistance - a practical approach.
  • Lszl Vigh Membranes as cellular thermometers in the high temperature sensing and signaling
  • Otto Veisz, DSc, Deputy Director, Agricultural Research Institute of the HAS, programme head
                                  The Agrisafe project

Training III.

  • MRTA BIRKS Pannonian/Central European region in a crucial need for mitigating climate threats
  • PTER CSATH Critical evaluation of the first 15 years of the Nitrate Directive: results, failures and urgent tasks, in respect of climate change
  • JOIN I. LIZASO Evaluating and improving crop simulation models to assess the impact of climate change
  • GYRGY VRALLYAY The impact of climate change on soils and on their water management
  • Otto Veisz AGRISAFE Climate Change: Challenge for training applied plant scientists
  • Sndor Szalai Mapping of and policy orientation for the mitigation of climate change impacts on agriculture and rural development in selected countries of the CEE and CA regions

Training IV.

  • Attila Fehr Genomic approaches to reveal environ-mental impacts on wheat development and yield
  • Gbor Horvt V. Maintaining yield stability and safety under unfavourable climatic conditions by transgenic strategies
  • Jochen Kumlehn Genetic engineering in cereals - methods and applications
  • Mrta Lngn Molnr Improving the stress tolerance of wheat by interspecific and intergeneric hybridization
  • Adela Olmedilla Mechanisms of pollen selection for an optimal pollination
  • Istvn Papp Physiological and genetic aspects of drought tolerance in plants
  • Andrzej Pedryc Breeding strategies to improve frost tolerance of fruit trees
  • Eva Zazimalova Auxin transport - A trigger and modulator of developmental events in plants
  • Professor Istvn Lng  President of the Science Council of the Agricultural Research Institute of HAS
    Information on the preparation of the climate change framework law in hungary
  • David Twell Life after meiosis: control of male germline development in flowering plants

Training V.

  • Zofia Banaszak “Rye in Poland”, general information on why rye is so popular in Poland; comparison of agronomical characters of populations and hybrid varieties
  • Zoltn Bed Development of new germplasm for low input environments
  • Ferenc Bks Improving wheat quality attributes by the better understanding of the role of different flour components
  • Lszl Cseuz Breeding wheat for drought tolerance by traditional and molecular approaches
  • Zsuzsa Fidloczky A unique example for the joint ex situ conservation of wild and cultivated flora: the LIFE+ Pannon Seedbank project
  • Lszl Holly The material and information flow system in the Plant Genetic Conservation Centre at Tpiszele
  • Lajos Horvth Regeneration and field evaluation of the national genetic resources collections
  • Angla Juhsz Molecular and biochemical characterization of germplasm for quality traits
  • Lszl Kocsis Grape breeding in Hungary: Old and new varieties. What Hungary has added to the world of viticulture
  • Kostov Wheat breeding in Bulgaria: Development of common wheat varieties by combining conventional breeding methods, biochemical and biotechnological approaches and wide hybridization
  • Bla Kszegi Growth chamber facilities in the Martonvsr phytotron
  • Gza Kovcs Neodomestication: Increasing the genetic diversity of cultivated cereals to improve yield and quality stability under changing environmental conditions
  • Lszl Lng How to satisfy ecological and user demands simultaneously by wheat breeding
  • Gabriella Linc Characterization of germplasm with molecular cytological methods
  • kos Mesterhzy Adaptation to climatic changes: Simultaneous breeding for resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses in cereals
  • Zoltn Nagy Interannual variation and components of CO2 balance over grassland agroecosystems in Hungary
  • Jnos Pauk Selection methods for drought stress in laboratory and greenhouse
  • Jnos Pintr Responses of maize inbred lines to enhanced UV-B radiation
  • Lszl Palkovics Genetic resources for resistance breeding in stone fruits
  • Zsolt Polgr Importance and source of resistance against biotic and abiotic stresses in potato
  • Jzsef Popp Climate change: policy challenges for food, energy and environmental security
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