About Agrisafe

The Agricultural Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (ARI HAS), situated in Martonvsr, in the convergence region of Central-Transdanubia (Kzp-Dunntl), is one of the leading centres for basic and applied research and field crop breeding in Central Europe.

Research (breeding and biotechnology) on the expected effects of global climate change has been underway in the institute since the early 1990s. Between 2003 and 2006 the institute was involved in the Hungarian VAHAVA project on the effects of global climate change and the responses to these changes, and is now an active participant in the follow-up project KLIMAKKT (2006-2009).

Within the framework of these projects work is underway on the agricultural risks of predicted climate change and on ways of mitigating the unfavourable effects, which can be modelled in the phytotron operating in the institute, one of the largest, most up-to-date facilities of its kind in Europe.

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