WP5 Dissemination and promotional activities related to climate change in agriculture

Coordinator: Dr Tams rends

Specialists in agriculture and crop production must first be made aware of the possible effects of climate change on farming, after which they must be taught how to reduce or eliminate the unfavourable effects of these changes. The demonstration of the cause and effect relationships involved in climate change will help to change attitudes to environment protection. It is therefore essential to spread this knowledge to as wide a public as possible. Experience has shown that it is essential to use electronic (online) dissemination tools for this purpose, in addition to conventional (off-line) publication outlets.

Task 5.1. Scientific papers, magazine articles, books, publications
Publication of scientific papers in Hungarian and international journals, with special emphasis on the international journal edited in the institute (Acta Agronomica Hungarica).
Publication of scientific reports in the institute magazine (Martonvsr).
Informative and marketing publications aimed at agricultural specialists working in small and medium-sized farms.

Task 5.2. Training sessions for specialists
Scientific and non-scientific lectures. Participation in higher education in agriculture. Organisation of field days in the Central and Eastern European region. The aim is to provide training for the next generation of scientists (PhD students).

Task 5.3. Electronic articles, media channels
Posting of information on climate change on the institute’s website (www.mgki.hu). Expansion of the number of links. Expansion of the information available on climate change on these links. Interviews on regional and national radio stations.

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