WP3 Development of research and other equipment for training courses on environmental stress research connected with global climate change

Coordinator: Dr. Bla Kszegi

Task 3.1. Establishment of a meteorological station
This will serve for the collection and analysis of local data on meteorological changes.

Task 3.2. Construction and installation of an audiovisual lecture room
This will be required for the training sessions to be held as part of the project.

Task 3.3. Purchase of equipment for the determination of stress tolerance in cereals
This equipment will be used in laboratory and field experiments on stress tolerance and for the collection and analysis of the data.

Task 3.4. Purchase of equipment to analyse the effect of high temperature and drought on sexual processes in plants
This laboratory equipment will include microscopes, microtomes and the software required for data processing.

Task 3.5. Molecular genetic analysis of plant stress responses
Supplementation of the existing instruments to allow plant stress responses to be analysed at the molecular level.

Task 3.6. Analysis of the effect of drought on maize production in field experiments
Purchase of additional instruments and software for analysing the effect of drought on the leaf area and the intensity of photosynthesis and for processing the data of field experiments.

Task 3.7. Improvement in the bioinformatics basis for the tasks undertaken in the project
Construction of multiprocessor work stations, to be linked in a cluster.

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